Tuesday, April 19, 2011

zomg I ate cabbage soup and didn't get siiiiiccckk

I don't know how or why, but I accidentally used condensed tomato soup instead of tomato sauce and I suppose that's why. I also put sour cream in it right before I eat it so I assume that cuts the acidity, too. Not one single blister in my mouth this morning, yay

When our washer broke last year, I never got caught up on laundry.

I took it all to the laundromat today 25 loads, y'all. Yes... 25. 4 5-loaders and 1 4-loader. I am still folding.

Of all the seeds I planted, I think I killed all but my carrots, sadface.

Jonas is doing much better this week, he hasn't asked me if I am going to the Dr anymore.
I am seriously considering taking the pain involved in eating the cabbage soup I just made. This is torture, knowing my favorite soup ever is down there, calling my name.

Maybe if I water it down a lot, the tomatoes won't bother me. I've read that adding a little sugar can make it less acidic so I shall try that. yuummm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saw the rhuemy - changed meds. On prednisone still - off the others and onto immuran (a chemo drug).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yesterday started out well enough.

I woke up at 10, and Jonas has already eaten an apple, banana and wanted me to cut an orange.  I did that, and ate part of it with him along with some of his leftover apple. (this is important later)

I made Jason steak and eggs and homefries (steak and potatoes were left overs) and then Jonas and I decided to go to the Olympic Park to play in the fountain. We got ready and headed there, only to find out parking in downtown Atlanta was $20 because of Wrestlemania. (Philips Arena is next door)

After an hour of traffic and looking, I FINALLY find $5 parking, and we head to the fountain. Only the fountain is closed for maintenance. 

I ended up buying Jonas some Italian Ice and we sat in the park and took pictures then he found 2 guys to play Frisbee with, and then we headed to the playground.

I got home and Jason and I went outside to cook dinner which he'd already started, since it was ribs and they need about 3 hours. I made egg boodles with asparagus and poached eggs and I KNOW I have trouble with tomatoes so I skipped the ribs.

Jonas didn't finish his rib, so I took 3 bites. THREE! That's it. I also had some of his apple juice.
Within an hour my mouth was full of sores, on fire, my lips were swollen, my eyes were running and to show me they're in charge, ozzing discharge. My mouth hurt so badly, I was barely able to talk. 
Around 8 PM, I got an email from the Behcet's support group and they were talking about a list of food that was pretty newly released, that should be avoided.
On the list?
Every thing I put in my mouth yesterday.
Basically anything with any acidity. Nuts are included, but I don't really eat those.
Its better today but I was doomed from the minute I woke up.