Monday, February 15, 2010


This  week a crazy man walked into Penske and shot 5 people. My husband and I knew 4 of these people personally. We've spent great amounts of time with them and their families at their homes.
2 died, and one who died was one of my husbands closest friends.
Another is paralyzed. Another is still uncertain, but as he was shot multiple times in the head, it's not looking great.

I do not write this to take away or diminish the families grieving or what they are going through, I know nothing I am going through can remotely come close to what they are going through.

That said, the stress of all of this is taking a nasty toll on me. I'm and worse than I have been since this started. I can't help but think whatever is going on stress induced or stress is somehow making it worse.

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