Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saw the new rheumatologist - Dr Singh.

I'm taking 10 mgs prednisone 3x daily for one week, then 2x for a week then 1x daily after forever?

I'm on day 3. My Mouth, eyes, smell taste - etc are SO MUCH BETTER already.

My mouth pain is almost completely gone. My lips are still dry, but eating doesn't hurt. They also gave this stuff called Magic Mouthwash which is lidocane, benadryl and other shit, I swish and swallow. It helps a lot.

I smelled my coffee this morning. Only right when I was drinking it, but wow. It was great. 

My eyes are still draining, but instead of wiping gunk out of them 50-60 times a day its only 4. When they tear up its still green tinged but I don't have massive snot in them.

My ears are barely draining. I can hear everything now, I think. I certainly don't have puddles on my pillows and when I turn my head I don't have shit pouring out of them.

I'm really angry at my old Rheumatologist right now. How in the hell he thought everything I had going on was fibromyalgia is beyond me. 

Now only did he pretty much not listen to me, I ALLOWED IT because I was so happy that SOMEONE WAS PRETENDING TO LISTEN that it didn't matter that he wasn't really HEARING me.

When he surprise! closed his office, they referred us to a new Dr. Except the new Dr took a month to write me a letter saying "HERPDERP WE DON'T SEE FIBROMYALGIA PATIENTS" So, I had to find a new one which took until August because they are so backed up. I had no care or medication from April to Aug. It just pisses me off how freaking hard it is to get health-care in what is supposed to be the best nation evar.

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