Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where do I even freaking start.

Monday, I got a call to schedule surgery. (It was for ear tubes. If you're new enough you are lost, I will explain, just ask)

When I was talking to Jason and said "I have to be at the hospital at 6 am) Jonas LOST IT. He was certain I was going away, and I was going to die, and he just lost his mind.

For the next 2 days, he would not let me go. He wouldn't go to school. He wouldn't let me out of his sight.

Wednesday morning, the plan was for me to drive myself to the hospital, then Jason was taking Jonas to school and coming to pick me up. We'd go back to get my car that night.

Well, lol. Jonas wakes up, realized I'm not home, got upset. He kept saying I went to the hospital to die. Refused to go to school. He told Jason to take him to the hospital because he needed to check on me, and he needed to take care of me.

So, I have surgery. They said it wouldn't hurt and let me tell you internetz, they lied. I woke up with a sore throat from where my throat has been inflamed, and they messed it up shoving the tube down it. Then my ears felt like someone was stabbing them with a searing knife. They gave me some fentanyl and let me sleep for a bit, then we came home (Jonas saw me and screamed MOMMY YOURE NOT DEAD!) and I slept pretty much all day.

We got up at 7 to go get my car and half way there had to turn around because the roads were blocked due to ice. We ended up going to IHOP where I tried to drink coffee and failed.

We came home, and I got up the next morning to take Jonas to school, and Jason was supposed to get up and take me to get my car, except he wouldnt wake up so I took Jason's truck. Jonas only stayed at school because he found out they were having a party.

At 2 we went to get Jonas and then we went to the hospital to get my car - where Jonas promptly freaks out again. 

I mean, I get it. He's 4, he sees us at the hospital and sees me getting out of the truck, and he thinks I'm sick again. I get it, but I certainly didn't expect him to be so traumatized by the stay last month.

Jonas spent the next 2 days, AGAIN, stuck to me without letting me out of his sight, complete with nightmares waking up screaming about how I died.

a+ life. a+

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