Sunday, January 30, 2011

Most of you know but some don't-

When I got sick almost a year and half ago, one of the first things I lost was taste. Everything is a drastically toned down version. Most things have almost no taste at all.

The exceptions are sweets. I can not eat anything with sugar in it. It burns my mouth to the point of tears. Chocolate is the worst - idk but I can live without it. Obviously. Soda burns my mouth, too which is fine because I never liked it.

The one thing I miss terribly? 

Fruit. OMG I miss fruit. I was some pineapple so badly right now I ache. 

Ironically, sugar in my coffee or latte doesn't bother me. Go figure.

A lot of things hurt my mouth, too. Bread that's too toasted, filet's of meat. I've gone almost completely vegetarian. The few exceptions are seafood and meat thats teeeeny like in chicken potstickers, or wontons. I eat alot of those two, though. Probably a bowl of each a day. 

I'm still only managing about 800 calories a day which is another reason I'm still only going 2-3 miles a day on the bike. I simply can't afford to burn the calories. I wish I could get the exercise this disease needs without burning calories. 

Thats another reason I drink so many freaking lattes - in my warped mind it makes up for the calories I'm losing. ha.

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