Saturday, July 9, 2011

So, my mouth is pretty terrible right now.

I dared to venture out and eat something NOT soup and I'm paying for it dearly. My hands are swollen, my mouth is peeling, and my eyes are draining pretty badly.

Guess it's back to won tons for the next week so I can recover.

Ive pretty much only been drinking lattes for 2 days because I could use the milk calories, and because its just SOO soothing.

I've lost more weight, too - 5 more lbs making it 260 total, and 165 since I got sick.

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  1. Hey Kay,
    I found your blog on WUC when I was posting a comment for person having weight loss surgery July 26th. I have gone through almost everything you've listed on your blog so far, though I have not read your whole blog yet. Maybe I can help somehow, compare notes with you and see if the treatments my doctors are using on me will help you. If you'd like to I'm at meinbergb at aol dot com. Hope you feel better :). Cincililly