Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still in the hospital.

So they still think its rheumatoid arthritis but now have reiters syndrome as a strong possibility. 
I had a barium swallow and my esophagus is so swollen nothing can pass. 
The pills just stuck there on the xray but there is no tumor or throat cancer. 
You can see the whites in my eyes again. 
My blood sugar is normally low.. 60-70 but the pat few days its been 200-300's so I'm getting insulin.
They don't think I'm diabetic. They just think my body is so weak and stressed that its affecting my sugar.

The golden question every doctor and nurse has asked me?

Come on. Throw a guess out there.

Why haven't I been getting treatment.
Yes that's right.
Man you should see there face when i tell them I've been to over twenty specialist including ent, Gastro, 5 rheumatologist, nephrologists, dentists and others including a shrink because at one time I thought I was just nuts.
Clearly I'm not.
Oh I might be getting stuck with a g tube if i don't start eating. Fun times. Fun times.

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