Monday, November 9, 2009

Late September I had an ear infection and cold, I went to the Dr and was given antibiotics.

Oct 4th my leg started hurting, but we went to the fair and I walked around a mile and it was still sore but didn't get any worse, until a week later when I woke up and couldn't walk

it progressively got worse, I went to the Dr and they said to give it a week

Then my ear infection came back a week later. My jaw started hurting. I can't open my mouth still, a month later.

That same week I had food poisoning.

A week later I got a UTI, and went to the Dr 4 days later
It had moved into a a kidney infection. They said I had blood and protein in my urine. They measure protein from 0 - 4 and she said mine was waaay over a 4. 

They gave me antibiotics, and I got the urine test back in the mail with a note fro the Dr. When I had food poisoning, it was E-Coli which can damage your kidneys.

I went back 2 weeks later, and it was not any better. They said I have kidney damage, and want me to see a nephrologist. 
They also sent me to an Orthopedic surgeon. 

The ortho said I have arthritis. But, not both knees hurt, my hips, my ankles, my back and elbow. Plus my jaw from above.

The ortho blamed my weight, and at the time I accepted it, but now I think its bullshit.

Why NOW? Why not at my highest weight 150 lbs ago? 

I'm starting to think this is all somehow connected. I'm thinking about making a list of everything bothering me now, and going to a new Dr and asking what could be wrong with me that DOESN'T include my weight.
That list of right now is:

  • Sores inside my mouth
  • hip pain
  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • ankle
  • jaw pain
  • clicking in my ears when I move my mouth or swallow
  • headaches
  • protein and blood in my urine
  • eye infection that won't go away
Besides going to a new Dr, any suggestions?

I find it hard to believe I have been healthy my entire life and suddenly I'm falling apart all at once and none of it is related.

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