Saturday, December 5, 2009

Health Timeline

Sept - Double Ear infection and sinus infection. 2 rounds of antibiotics.

Oct 4th: Slight knee pain and jaw pain
Oct 12th: UTi and kidney infection, protein 4+ = more antibiotics
Oct 19th Still blood in urine and protein 4+ More antibiotics
Oct 15th Orthopedic surgeon and xrays = said to be arthritis in knees
Oct 20th Pain spread to other leg, hips and ankle
Early Nov = Nephrologist Protein still 4+ = pain spread to shoulders, elbows
Same week = 24 hour urine test and blood work + kidney ultrasound
Thanksgiving week = Nephrologist said all tests were normal = Cleared by him
Suggested I find a new PCP and get a second opinion
First week Dec - Went to a Dr I used to see - is doing more tests and started me on Steroids

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