Saturday, November 13, 2010

13 months.

Thats how long I've been sick.

I've not had one single day in 13 months where I've felt ok. 

I had to go tot he Dr yesterday. Whatever this in my mouth is - Thrush, Oral Lichen Planus - whatever - I can't swallow. My throat is swollen. My eyes run green shit out of them all the time. I can't talk because my mouth hurts SO BAD. My lips have blisters. MY ears - I have so much fluid build up that all I can hear all day is SWISH SWISH SWISH when my heart beats. At least I can hear that because I can't hear anything else. Jason has to repeat himself 10 times, I dont even ask strangers to repeat themselves anymore. I just nod and smile and hope for the best.

I can turn the TV to 100 and I can't hear it. I have to use CC.

So effing over this.

I'm on Gentrex for my eyes, Septra, Diflucan and something else I forget.

The Septra is liquid and has the added bonus of raising my pulse and blood pressure for about an hour after taking it. its super fun, I tell you.

On the plus side, I DID get an appointment with infectious disease for the 11th.

Sorry. Emo post is emo.

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