Monday, November 15, 2010

 I had an appointment with the new rheumatologist and lets' just say my $20 and 3 hours would have been better spent scraping paint off the park bench.

She told me she didn't know why I had come to see her.
Um, because you saw me in the hospital, and my discharge papers said I HAVE to see you for a follow-up within the week?

She told me she was upset I got into her office as a new patient, when others have to wait MONTHS.
Uh, again. My discharge papers told me to see you.

She told me she could not see any sores in my mouth. I took a q-tip and showed them to her. She told me they were bite marks LOL

She then told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. She told me I was wasting her time. She told me I needed to stop taking any medication I was on because I shouldn't be on it.

I suppose I spent a week in the hospital for nothing.
I suppose my sed rates and blood work are screwed up for no reason.
I suppose this white film in my mouth and sores are nothing.
I suppose the barium swallow test in which I almost choked to death on an eraser sized pill because it got stuck in my throat due to inflammation was fake.
I suppose my kidneys are screwed up for no reason.
I suppose my eyes, ears and lady parts are inflamed, and draining for no reason.

Let's not forget the months I couldn't get out of bed due to joint pain!

Let's forget that when I am on steroids, I am marginally better - which almost IMMEDIATELY indicates some sort of autoimmune disease.

eff you dude. Just... ugh.

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