Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just some notes so I can keep track for my next Dr appointment. (The 8th)

Tongue hurts but its not terrible. Its got the white film again, but everything doesn't taste HORRIBLE anymore. I still can't taste fully, I would say Ive lost 90% of my taste since I got sick. I'm okay with this as long as that oily taste is gone.

My eyes started leaking green shit again about 2 days ago. They're a little red but I'm not getting "OMG  PINKEYE" stares yet.

Other than that I have felt okay for about 4 days. No joint pain, no lightheadedness. Just general fatigue.  Putting clothes up yesterday wiped me out and I needed a nap.

Ive been reading up on other treatments for what I think it is, which is oral lichen planus. 
The most promising is a plant called Purslane. I need to find out if eating it is ok or if I need some kind of extract.
The other promising thing is an anti-rejection drug for transplant patients called tacrolimus.

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